Hamilton Street Grill


Hamilton Street Grill

The Burger: The Hamilton Street Burger

Overall Rating: 85/100

Cost: $ $ $

Rated On: Sep 14, 2011

Burger Basics

At Hamilton Street Grill, you start off with a gorgeous house-ground Angus beef patty. I mean... House-Ground Folks, it's ground right there, seasoned ever so slightly and juicy as all getout! Then you get yourself a fresh kaiser that is well toasted with a very high burg juice absorption rating. Half way through the burger, I did the obligatory squeeze test and was simply delighted at how juicy this patty really was, like a sponge, holding in all that flavor. You'll have to excuse me, I'm salivating a little at the moment. The basics of this burg are A+ in my books.

The Extras

The toppings of the burg are kind of limited but that shouldn't come as a surprise when it is the only burg on the menu. That said, the t bacon is nicely smoked (also, in-house) and the cheddar adds a great creamy boldness to the burger. Then there's the Kennebec Frites... These fries are slightly addictive. I was couldn't stop munching on them and kind of wished there was another entire plate full of them. Great compliment to a well-made burg.

The Experience

Hamilton Street Grill is located right in Yaletown, with a great patio. Now, this is some pretty simple math, Great Burg + Great Patio + Great Area = Great experience. Pretty cut and dry.

My Take

I had definitely done some research when it came to to the Hamilton Street Grill, as they had been proclaimed the best burger in Yaletown, and even vancouver by some. Now it was time to find out how much truth lay in these claims. When you roll into a place like this, you shouldn't be looking to go wild and crazy with your burg. These folks make great food for a living and you should trust them when they serve something up. When it first came out, it looked like it was going to be tasty, but it almost looked timid on this monster plate heaped high with delicious frites. Oh was I in for a surprise, this was in no way a timid burg and it made it's point each time I bit into it. I noticed that the 'extra' toppings (onion, tomato, lettuce) are actually presented to you on the side, yet another student of the minimalist burger movement using the bold flavors of the cheddar, beef and bacon, all complimenting each other, to give you a little pop in the kisser. This burg can stand proud on the basics alone.

Rating Breakdown

Burger & Topping Selection


  • Beef


  • Kaiser


  • Truffle Mayo


  • Cheddar


  • Onion
  • Lettuce
  • Tomato
  • Bacon


  • Fries


  • Pop
  • Beer

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