Uli's Restaurant


Uli's Restaurant

The Burger: 3.0 Burger

Overall Rating: 87/100

Cost: $ $

Rated On: Jul 11, 2012

Burger Basics

Where to start? Steak, aged 27 days? Check. Ground fresh? Check. Cooked to order? Check. From first bite, you know without a doubt that this patty is all business. From prep to cooking, flavor to texture, this patty is the star of the show. Simply writing about it right now is causing me to salivate all over myself. Beef to topping ratios and seasoning are spot on, allowing the very essence of the burg to play the pivotal role that it was meant to. The geniuses at Uli's didn't stop there either. Lay that perfect patty down on a chewy, fresh Challah bun which is seemingly designed for burg juice retention, and your foundation is one that could withstand the big one.

The Extras

What goes better with a masterful burger than a tasty Beer... or Bier, if you're so inclined. The beer list at Uli's is a spotlight and reads like a wish-list for the fans of foam, the hero's of hops, the brothers of barley. From small to big, local to German, you'll be able to find a great beer to compliment your burger. Getting back to the burger, the toppings on the 3.0 present a unique flavour, with the sweet pop of the corn salsa complimenting the subtle spice I picked up, I'm assuming, from the BBQ Sauce (Homemade, I might add). Again, the ratios were spot on so the toppings don't steal the show from the burger essentials.

The Experience

Situated on the strip in White Rock with a great patio, Uli's doesn't only wow you with the food they serve, they allow you to be wowed by the scenery as well. Service was great, only politely correcting my butchered pronunciation of the beer I ordered, and then providing a perfect pour when it came to the table.

My Take

To preface this, there is going to have to be a little editors note. I think I may have said it, but I normally don't do second ratings. However, in light of the fact that Uli's only releases a new and very unique burger once a year, I felt that this could qualify as a reason to bend the rules a little. I can say this. I was not disappointed in the least. This burger is out of this world good. The patty is quite simply perfect, the toppings a medley of amazing, the meal as a whole is stellar. I feel like I could rant and rave about this burger, but the words will still not do it justice. Let's just say that there is a reason these guys have been rated "Best in Surrey" for two years, and in my opinion, seem a lock for the three-peat. Then comes the kicker, Every Tuesday they discount the burger when you buy a beer. $15 for this burger AND a beer? Shut the front door. Actually, no, don't. Just go get a burger and a beer you damn fools!

Rating Breakdown

Burger & Topping Selection


  • Beef
  • Veggie



  • Mayo
  • Burnt Onion Relish
  • Homemade BBQ Sauce


  • Smoked Cheddar


  • Lettuce
  • Bacon
  • Guacamole
  • Corn Salsa



  • Beer

Some Pics Of The Burg